Company Culture

Mission Statement
Our company’s mission is to provide superior construction services by consistently improving the quality of our product through the innovative process created by integrity, foresight, aggressive performance, and trust in God. We are committed to meet the highest standards of excellence through our employees, which in turn, will provide growth and opportunities for their enrichment and quality of life.

The Value of a Quality Employee
Like all businesses, at the end of the day, the construction business is about delivering results. To consistently garner the kind of results that keep our clients impressed and fuel our own business growth, we pride ourselves on employing a quality staff that is happy and loyal. Hulke Construction Company is committed to recruiting the best in our field and making sure they are treated like the true asset they are. Without our employees, we would not be able to deliver the level of service we do. We aggressively seek employees with upstanding values, exceptional abilities, a strong desire to learn and flourish, an unquestionable concern for safety, and a “get the job done and done right” attitude. Our incredible staff is what truly sets us apart from our competition. They are the determining factor in guaranteeing your project’s success and a testament to our company’s own prosperity as well.

An Environment of Mutual Respect
As a socially responsible company, respect is a core catalyst in shaping and reinforcing our culture. We believe a meaningful workplace is based on an environment where everyone holds one another in the highest regard. At HCC, we treat co-workers, colleagues, and clients with absolute fairness, common courtesy, politeness, kindness, dignity, and total equality at all times. We value diversity in all of its forms and view it as a competitive advantage. We are devoted to maintaining a civilized and inspiring work environment that is free from discrimination and is based on treating one another with mutual respect and total camaraderie. In order to work together in perfect harmony and be a company that we can all be proud of, mutual respect is the key.